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Life is Feudal Dedicated Server Setup 2017
Recommendations on the server specs:
At least 8GB to 16GB RAM
Intel i7 2015 model or greater
250GB+ SSD storage device

Step 1: Download and Install Steam & Life is Feudal Dedicated Server.
(you can log in with your account on steam on the dedicated computer, download the dedicated server and then log out. No need to buy 2 copies of the game.)
*must have at least access to a steam account that has purchased the game*

(It’s «ideal» to install steam on the desktop of the dedicated machine for easy access to the directory later on.)

Step 2: Download and install MariaDB 10.2 x64.msi (
Choose these options!
Database Password:
Process: MySQL
Check: «Access Root Remotely»
Format: UTF-8

Step 3: In the Steam folder, open “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\Docs\config_local.cs” with Notepad++ (
Make the following changes:
Server: «»
Save it!

Step 4: Copy the edited config_local.cs and paste it into main server directory — (\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\)

Step 5: In the Steam folder, open “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\Config\world_1.xml” with Notepad++.
Configure this file to the server settings of your liking.
Save it!

Step 6: Click on Start menu, search MariaDB > Right click and click «Open File Location». Keep this open for now.

Step 7: Click on Start menu and search for «HeidiSQL», open it.
Create a new session called “LIF”.
Click on «Prompt for Credentials»
Input Password:

Click the “Open” button
Click «Login»

Step 8: In the white space area, Right Click > Create New > Database
Name Database: lif_1
Collation: utf8_general_ci
Right Click (in the white space again) > Refresh

Step 9: In the Steam folder, open “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\Docs\my.ini” with Notepad++
Copy the block of text in this “my.ini” file.

Step 10: Switch to the opened MariaDB file location window we had opened earlier. (C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.2\data)
Paste the contents of the copied «my.ini» text into the MariaDB my.ini file in the [mysqld] section(above the [client] tag) . Remove any duplicated lines. Should only be 1 or 2 duplicates. .
Save it!

Step 11: In the Steam folder, open “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\SQL\new.sql” with Notepad++.
Copy all the contents of this document and paste it in the HeidiSQL database “Query” tab on the top right of the screen in database «lif_1» that you created earlier.
Paste the copied text into the blank query window.
Click the blue down arrow, next to the blue “Go Arrow” button and change to “Send Batch In One Go”.
Click the “Go Arrow” button to run the batch.

Step 12: Create a static IP address in your router for the dedicated machine so that it has a fixed IP address in the routing table pool. (

Step 13: In your Router configuration, find the «Port Forwarding» settings and create a forwarding rule to the static IP address you set in step 12 for the following ports:
28000-28003 UDP and TCP
(NOTE: The ports to forward are the ones you set in your “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\Config\world_1.xml”)

Step 14: Create a server start shortcut — “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\ddtcd_cm_yo_server.exe” and click “Send to Desktop”.
Next, on the desktop, right click “ddtcd_cm_yo_server.exe” shortcut and click “Properties”.
Change the “Target” to include “-world 1” at the end. Example: «C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\ddctd_cm_yo_server.exe» -world 1

Step 15: Start Life is Feudal Dedicated Server via the desktop shortcut created in step 14
The server will attempt to connect to the database and White/Green/Yellow/Red text will fly by in the server window. As long as this window stays open, the setup has been completed successfully.

Let the server run at least 5-10 minutes the first time before the name shows up on the Steam server list. (You will know the server is done loading when you see the following line, «Steam Initialized.»

If you get a bunch of red text and the window immediately closes, something is wrong and previous Steps need to be verified.
There is a log file in the “\SteamApps\Common\Life Is Feudal Your Own Dedicated Server\Logs” folder that may contain some useful information to help troubleshoot.

Exiting/Shutting down the server
To shut down the server gracefully, in the Server console window, type quit();

If you are having issues getting others to connect to your server, please verify your ports are properly forwarded in your router.

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Life Is Feudal Game Information
The indie team — which later evolved to become Bitbox Ltd — had created a functional tech demo (during the Summer of 2011) for the Life is Feudal’s concept: MMO. It showcases lots of the basic gameplay features, such as construction of objects, terraforming and real-time multiplayer. Once an investor was found, the development progressed for two years, with an initial team of five that increased to fifteen during the period.
The Life is Feudal shares many core mechanics and gameplay with Life is Feudal: MMO This led to a simultaneous development of a mutual codebase for both games. Bitbox Ltd. released «Life is Feudal: Your Own» on the Steam gaming platform in September 2014. It was launched under the Early Access program, and in two weeks, it reached Steam’s «Top Ten.» Within a month, over 100,000 copies of LiF: YO were sold, and it continued to be popular.
LiF: YO was removed from Early Access on the 17th of November 2015 alongside a launch cutscene and a trailer narrated by Sean Bean. The rendering API for the original game was based on DIrectX 9 while the new release featured a graphical overhaul based on DirectX11. It also came along with several new mechanics, big fixes and balancing tweaks. As at November 2016, the game is still being supported actively by the development team. Numerous patches highlighting advanced features on the existing game are also included to depict improvement.
After the release of LiF: YO, Bitbox Ltd. began to transit into a bigger team with a focus on LiF: MMO. During the second half of 2016, closed beta tests for the game commenced. Bitbox Ltd. also made a partnership announcement with Xsolla in support of LiF: MMO.
Another game was published in 2016 by Bitbox as a component of the LiF franchise; Life is Feudal: Forest Village (LiF: FV). It’s being developed currently by the studio Mind Illusion and accessible on Steam Early Access. LiF: FV is an alternative to a familiar situation faced by players in previous editions — here; the player takes up the control of villagers’ settlement and leads them through survival simulation. It features things such as vegetation and seasonal changes as well as illness which all pose threats to the stability of the village.
In LiF: YO, the player is given an open-ended starter on a 3km2 map, from where they must collect the required resources to survive. Mechanics such as wild animals, hunger, and player combats are the closest threats to players. They encourage co-operation with other nearby players as a means of gaining an advantage. Players can also build structures, weapons, and armor, as well as breed various animals.
LiF: YO permits up to 64 players to connect to a private or public hosted server, with different customizable options, many of which can be modified in the hosting interface of the game. Apart from the self-configurable options, an executable command to run a dedicated server is also provided.

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